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Africa Safari Tour

What type of vacation do you dream of when you close your eyes? Many people think of tropical beaches, others think of adventurous mountain climbing and adrenaline pumping activities, others may think of amazing landscapes and scenery, some people may say they enjoy seeing rare and exotic wildlife in its natural habitat and a large number of people like to experience alternative cultures and learn about how people live in different parts of the world. Well, you can do and experience all of these things and more in one great continent, Africa.

Africa is a vast continent split up into different countries, many of which have their own unique characteristics, cultures, currencies, and languages. To give you a good idea of Africa's wildlife reserves, I am going to give the low down on the greatest park in each safari renowned country.

Going on an African safari would be the adventure of a lifetime for many. Despite the political unrest and problems in Africa over the last century is still a mysterious and beautiful part of the world and to see it once will provide lifetime memories. But what part of Africa do you want to see?

The most amazing thing about African safaris is that you can choose from either a limited number of destinations to visit.

So what are the most popular African safari destinations?

Kruger National Park, South Africa
South Africa is the leading country in Africa as far as infrastructure is concerned. Most of the roads are smooth, providing an easy and flexible drive for your family. If you have small children, a safari to South Africa is ideal because there are many small private game parks where you can view a variety of wild animals within a short time. This will prevent your little children from getting bored. There are comfortable accommodation and swimming pools in all the parks where children can swim and pray around. You can also hire a nanny to look after the children as you walk and drive through the park where kids can hardly afford to keep silence when ordered to do so by the game guides.

The trump card of South Africa is undoubtedly the Kruger National Park. This gigantic park is almost as big as the state of Brandenburg and offers many opportunities to experience the best of Africa. The park is located in northeastern South Africa and hosts no fewer than 146 different mammal species (including "The Big Five"), 520 bird species, 120 reptiles and nearly 2,2000 different plant species.

South of South Africa lies the Kariega Valley. The valley offers not only beautiful nature and a colorful animal life but is also completely malaria free. Therefore, this destination is ideal for families with children, pregnant women and others who do not want to take malaria medications. The Kariega Valley also has plenty of animals, including The Big Five.

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya
What to Expect:

This iconic park, when one thinks of a safari, rolling savannas filled with animal life unlike any other, the Masai Mara fits the bill. Popular for decades as the premier park in Africa, the action here cannot be beaten. Within minutes you can see lions, rhinos, a leopard, and some cheetahs. The big 5 are all in this park and you have a good chance of seeing all of them, possibly even in one day. Come during the Wildebeest migration between July and early September for the most action and the famous river crossing, with the best time to come in early September.

  • Self-driving is an option. The park requires 4×4 only.
  • Park entry cost
  • Non Resident Adults Inside the park – US$ 70

    Non Resident outside the park – US$ 80

    Non Resident Children inside the park – US$ 40

    Non Resident Children outside the park -US$ 45

    Non Resident Student Adult – US$ 40

    Non-Resident Student Children – US$ 20

  • Camping also available
  • Serengeti National Parks in Tanzania
    The Serengeti is one of the most fantastic tourist destinations in the world, with thousands of visitors to flock to it each year. It is the most popular and famous National Park in the world and stretches over an area of 30,000 km square of land. But what gives the Serengeti this outstanding reputation, and sets it aside from the many other amazing National Parks in Tanzania, in Africa, in the world?

    The Serengeti has the biggest mixture of animals compared to other African parks. Within its many different landscapes, you will come across all different types of animals, such as hippos in the swamps, lions lazing under a tree on the open plains, and even leopards high in the branches of an Acacia tree. As well as many other types of animals, including zebra, elephant, giraffe and lots of different species of gazelle - which you will most certainly pass whilst touring the park. 

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