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How to handle unemployment rate in Africa

When you talk of unemployment the first nation that comes in perspective is the African continent. Yes, it is a big challenge that needs to be addressed at all costs. Some of the main causes of high unemployment rate include

  • The rural-urban migration
  • Inadequate innovation skills
  • Corruption
  • Poor governance
  • High population rate

However, with the help of the Non Governmental organizations, there are numerous efforts to salvage the situation but still there is a big unemployment challenge. First and foremost, there is so much unskilled labor in this nation compared to skilled labor. That is the reason we have to import expatriates to come and handle most of the technical challenges. At the same time, brain drain in a bid to look for greener pastures is also something that greatly affects these nations.

Some of the five innovations that help to curb unemployment include

Introduction of management trainees
It is easy to employ five interns on a trainee position unlike even employing one on a permanent and pensionable basis. Most of the major equal opportunity employers come from the Western world. Some countries like Kenya, Ghana and South Africa have made it a policy that any company, as a corporate social responsibility must have an internship program that absorbs the new graduates just to be conversant with the system. These come in handy to give exposure to the graduates to what is expected of them in the labor market as well as widen their mind on employment creation. The program reduces the number of unemployed youth and also improves their income which in turn improves the economy of the place.

Volunteer and community work
An idle mind is a devils' workshop. It is better to engage in an activity even if you do not get any income out of it. The challenge could be, how do you expect someone to come to work with nothing at the end of the day? To help on this, it is ideal to have a stipend- a policy that governs all volunteers to help cater for the daily upkeep of the volunteer. The advantage of this intervention is the fact that you will spend less as a company or organization to organize training for the new employee. It is easy and simple to just employ a volunteer who is conversant with the system than just to start a fresh.

At times, organizing community work like marathons or runs also gives a networking opportunity to unemployed youth to exercise their rights. At the end of the day they feel part of the governance system and do not feel wasted after spending so much time in the tertiary institutions learning something that they feel is not of use.

Programs that gear towards employment creation rather than being employed
Emerging and developing economies that define most of the African continent lack several resources to absorb everyone in employment. The school curriculum does not also equip the students with the right skills that make them self-independent. That is the reason most of them use skills-based curriculum to make sure that the students have all the required skills to create a source of income on their own and even become employers in the long run. The creativity-based type of learning is the best tool to give students insights right from a young age to identify their talents and potential and explore them right as they grow. In all these, the economy will grow faster and you will have the best out of the citizens. In fact, no one will want to leave their companies and organizations to work for someone despite the pay. Who does not want to become their own boss?

A balance between the market and the education courses
Some of the unemployment cases is the fact that one choose to do a course in the higher levels of learning that has no relevant in the African market. Moreover, at the end of the course there is also lack of exposure on areas that they need to position themselves to get noticed by employers.In such a scenario, most of the nation's now had to use all stakeholders in both the education and the labor market to come up with the right courses that have direct beneficiary to the employer. One of the employers admits that it is difficult to just leave engineering graduate to run a machine on the first day at work. They have to go through thorough training to make sure that they do their best in as much as they had high scores at the university. This gives employers an east time to get the right people to do the job. They are not here to do charity but to make profits. If that is what it takes to do that then this is the best option.They even go an extra mile to support and sponsor some of the programs in a bid to achieve the same objective.

Introduction of a 24-hours economy
Due to population increase and each and every day we have graduate flooding the labor market then it is important to introduce a 24-hour economy to accommodate the unemployed citizens. Although this has worked in some economies, it is also an expensive affair. Some parameters that need to be addressed to make sure that it is a success include availability of market for both goods and services – to avoid more supply and less demand; security must not be compromised; proper governance structure and bureaucratic procedures; friendly business environment among others.

The measures involve both the social and economic responsibility to make sure that it is a menace that never recurs. At the same time, you also have a chance to take charge and control of the situation as a job seeker. Look for the job or create one. It will never locate you. You just have to be smart to achieve this.

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