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The beauty of African handbags

Handbags have been an essential part of dress for many years, because it wasn't until the 17th century that clothing had pockets to carry things in. Not only have handbags been quite the useful tool for carrying the everyday items like money, phones, and stationery etc., but it has also grown to also become one of the most marketable fashion pieces. A charming handbag will make a woman prepared whilst staying fabulous. African handbags are among the many to fulfill this purpose, all over the continent there's always a wide range of stylish bags to choose from but these are the most popular:

African print handbags
These vibrant and colorful bags are made from the very popular African wax print fabric, Ankara fabric. They are extremely popular in West Africa, which pairs well with the year round summer weather. These handbags come in various shapes and sizes and because of the wide range of fabric styles you can never have too many of these fun and funky items.

Basket handbags
Baskets have been of harvesting use to African women for hundreds of years. Although lately, African fashion designers have created a modern and trendy looking handbag with a woven basket feel. These intimate bags more popular in Northern and Central Africa. They have a Bohemian and tropical vibe to them but their colors and texture ooze African fashion. So you can take this baby for a nice picnic on the beach while contemplating the finer things in life.

Beaded handbags
Beads have and always will be an intricate part of African culture. Over the years the variety of beaded handbags has grown with more options to choose from. Beaded handbags, like many other types of African bags, are very colorful and can either be patterned or solid. They are often seen at ceremonies such as weddings and parties. Although these bags tend to be more expensive, the beaded bags are still a must-have!

Leather and skin bags
Leather and skin bags may be the oldest types of handbags in Africa. These bags are considered a unisex item although The cuts, sizes, and shapes of the men's bags vary from the women's. Its leather is made from real animal skins, which makes them somewhat pricey. In communities of herdsmen, the women sometimes make these accessories from the animals they raise. These handbags are very durable and can last for many years. From shoulder bags to satchels, these quality pieces will stand the test of time.

African handbags are one of the most unique statement pieces and the best part is that within each stitch lies an untold story.

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