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What is it about westernization on the African culture?

 Truth be told, the African culture is completely eroded due to westernization. The fact that new thing looks better and modern makes the African culture lose its meaning. However, the good side of it is that its preservation, on the other hand, earns the country's foreign exchange which also builds the economy. The way of life of people is something that you can simply corrode by the introduction of just new methods. The youth are the most affected with this, since they form the future generation, if not well monitored then you will find that over time the culture will become extinct. When you go to the National archives you get to know what the culture was all about in form of dressing, equipment and even handling of events. 

There is a notion that the western culture depicts modernization and in fact, even among the youth, a citizen that maintains the African culture in their way of life is considered primitive and weird. The areas that have received tremendous dynamism through westernization include

The use of conventional medicine is a western culture. The ancient people used the herbs to treat common illnesses. The stubborn ones they consider them to curse but in most cases, there were very rare. The first line of treatment for any illness was a herbalist and of course in every home, there had to be someone that was well versed with the type of herbs and their specific treatment. It was so vibrant such that even cases of death were minimal.
During the childbearing, there were traditional birth attendants who understood the dynamics of the unborn child. Currently, some people still believe in them in as much as they still deliver in hospital- old habits die hard. To reduce child mortality rates in areas those have limited access to health care services. They have empowered the traditional birth attendants with modern midwifery skills to make sure that we reduce child mortality rates, especially when dealing with emergencies.
Other areas include the male circumcision. In all these, it is to make sure that we have the best health practices and hygiene of the highest order is adhered to.

Every tribe in the African continent had a way of dressing. Just like in the western world, each dressing had a specific occasion. In the manner of dressing, we will say westernization has had a negative impact. In those areas, they have distinct seasons such that during summer people enjoy the sunlight as much as possible by putting on very light and clothes that exposed them to sunlight. In Africa, the same cloths are being put on with no regulation. The way a musician will perform on stage in terms of dressing is different from how s/he will do it while away from the stage. In Africa, we literally take the dressing and put them on even in areas that they are not supposed to. It even has a negative impact on pour culture and heritage. The beachwear has become a normal wear. The innovation of social media and multimedia content has even worsened the situation because people just copy the dressing without putting respect and the occasion into consideration.

If there is something we appreciate about western culture is the innovation of technology. It is the best thing that happened to Africa. It has just made the world a global village. Who knew you could hold a global meeting using the video conferencing tools? However, it is an area that is still being abused due to the fact that there is no limit to access to some of the sites that are considered obscene like the pornographic sites.
At the workplace, everything is decentralized and working culture has completely taken a turn for the better. The social media platforms are also something that has even made a change in the dynamism of doing business. You really do not need a physical shop, you can just buy and sell online – thanks to e-stores.

Social practices
Socially, we will take a defensive position when it comes to the innovation of Western culture. For example, polygamy was common in the African setup but with westernization, women are empowered and feel that monogamy is the only form of marriage. It has even gone an extra mile and introduced contract in marriages yet it was a lifetime commitment for better and for worse.
Sexuality has also got a paradigm shift, homosexuality, wife swapping, bestiality, and lesbianism were things that were unheard of in the older days. These are the thing that came with westernization since we could see them in movies and even when tourists visit they introduce the same to the unsuspecting youth.

Of course, there was the traditional form of worship which was overridden by the introduction of modern religion. It is a blessing in disguise but as there is an increase in literacy levels some of the citizens take a U-turn especially the philosophers. That is the point you hear of paganism and devil worship. The family was one closed until with a close tie with the extended family. This is still the same thing but the urban setups have narrowed it down to just the nuclear family- a western culture.

In all aspects of our lives, we have a touch of westernization in all that we do. We also have to make sure that we sieve what is of benefit to use and what is not of benefit. That is why in some economies they have regulatory bodies that check on the content that is aired.
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