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  • In the Shadow of Moses



In the Shadow of Moses


In the Shadow of Moses: New Jewish Movements in Africa and the Diaspora presents original research by an international group of twelve scholars who have been conducting fieldwork on historic and emerging Jewish communities in Africa as well as on the interaction of Jews and Africans (and their descendants) in precolonial Africa and modern day Israel. These �New Jewish Movements� are an addition to the �New Religious Movements� that have intrigued sociologists and historians of religion for some time; now, the book argues, the phenomenon contains a global Jewish component as well. Case studies include Cameroon, Congo, C�te d�Ivoire, Ethiopia, France, Gabon, Ghana, Jamaica, Madagascar, Nigeria, Uganda, and African immigrants in Israel. Illustrated by original drawings by graphic-novel artist J�r�mie Dres, the volume will appeal to scholars and general readers in African as well as Jewish studies. In the Shadow of Moses is dedicated to the late Professor Ali Mazuri, an early proponent of scholarly synergies between the study of Africa and the study of the Jews.

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