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The Emergence and Proliferation of Political Organizations in Ethiopia


The organizations operated differently at every stage; and with each generation, the level of consciousness reached higher than before... From 1941–2010, a new wave of political organizations emerged in Ethiopia. In a relatively brief period, their sheer magnitude numbered well into the hundreds. The Emergence and Proliferation of Political Organizations in Ethiopia follows the development of these political organizations in Ethiopia, outlining their ideologies, and their proliferation. The book is divided into five parts. The first four parts deal with what Tiruneh refers to as the first four generations of Ethiopian political organizations which operated differently at every stage, reaching a level of higher consciousness with each successive generation. Over time, these organizations resisted being manipulated by alien powers by turning towards their indigenous roots and thus their ideologies and scope became more and more relevant to the peoples of Ethiopia as a whole. In the final part of the book, Tiruneh evaluates the ideologies of these political organizations, particularly those of the radicalized elite of the post-1960s period.

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