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  • Socialization and Social Control in Ethiopia



Socialization and Social Control in Ethiopia


Socialization and Social Control in Ethiopia is an extensive study of the cultural, social, and religious values of the Amhara. This compilation�s objective is to investigate the manner in which values, norms, and customs in Ethiopia are both established and preserved. By focusing on ethnographic material he obtained from interviews and observations, Reidulf K. Molvaer seeks to codify the cultural phenomena he has bared witness to during his vast study of the land and its people. He divides his data into three different sections: the socialization of the Amhara child, Ethiopian folk tales, and a list of oral insults in the Amharic language. Molvaer presents a set of original data and further theorizes from his research of traditional values the manner in which these customs and attitudes relate to ambitions of development.

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