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Emmaus: The Nature of the Way is a fine-art coffee table photography book released on May 13, 2017. The two-year project in the making began when creator and director Chris Yates realized that the Jesuits that he had grown to have a fond appreciation of were often very misunderstood. By photographing 22 of the Jesuit priests that live at Loyola Marymount University, Chris and photographer Robert Macaisa set out to portray these priests exactly how they are: human. Through the juxtaposition of formal and informal photographs, the book aims to break down some of the misconceptions and barriers that society has placed on priests. The book is 166 pages and broken down into five chapters that also include incredible stories encapsulating themes of love, friendship, doubt and the general human condition with over 100 portraits. The book is published by Tsehai Publishers & The Marymount Press Institute.

$49.95 each

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