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Letters from Abyssinia 1916 and 1917 by Major Hugh Drummond Pearson, R.E.


This book explores the complicated position which Abyssinia, today known by its proper name Ethiopia, occupied in the early 20th century political universe. Major Pearson’s letters provide a unique vantage point from which one can examine the interests of the major world powers in this fiercely independent country — the only country in Africa not then under some European domination. Pearson’s observations have been integrated with official Foreign Office communications in order to provide the reader with a complete context. This book will appeal not only to scholars interested in further knowledge of Ethiopian history, but also to a wide audience of people interested in World War I, which intersected many far-flung countries, some of which are the setting for Pearson’s letters: Egypt, Sudan, Abyssinia, French, and British Somaliland.

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