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About African Theatre: African Theatre provides a focus for research, critical discussion, information, and creativity in the vigorous field of African theatre and performance. Each annual issue concentrates on a major topic and, through its resolutely pan-African coverage and accessible style, broadens the debates to all interested in drama and the many roles it plays in contemporary African life. The editors and editorial board bring together an impressive range of experience in African theatre. The next issue will be on Companies. About This Volume: This volume presents studies of theatre that young Africans have made and performed to audiences across the continent. It shows a wide range of work, much of which depicts the crises that young Africans face as they enter the world of adult relationships and compromises. The contributions, by adults who are deeply involved with the theatre of young Africans, recount the inspiration and enthusiasm that has led to the artistic achievement and powerful creativity of this work. Michael Etherton’s introduction analyses its artistic scope and political impact. What emerges from the voices of the young people themselves is how they are using theatre and performance to struggle for their rights and for positive changes in their lives.

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