Quality vintage Green Bohemian Vaseline beads, Trade Beads, Trade Beads, Vintage beads, Ethnic Jewelry Supplies, Africa


Description Quality selected Vintage Bohemian green Vaseline Trade Beads from Ethiopia , Africa. originally made in Venice st 1900 and traded in the Africa, perfect for Jewelry Supplies. Those beads are selected from many to ensure that you get most quality patina good looking beads , some wear, Pitting,chips and cracks but not broken. ♥ What you see is Similar you get ♥ The beads are old and selected but possible show some wear, Pitting,chips and cracks. ✦ Quantity : 10 beads ✦ Martial: wand glass ✦ Dimensions : Length - 6.6 cm / 2.6" inch long, 15mm-11mm x hole 1 mm ✦ Weight : 24 gram ✦ Color: green

$11.00 each

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