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Original Ethiopian Medicine Bone Stick Pendant , medicine stick from Omo Valley Tribes , South of Ethiopia. The Lovely Large Medicine Bone Stick made from camel bone for Shaman Tribal daily work , the round Circles with dots are Protection eyes against evil eye. The Pendant is unique with Beautiful adornment decoration and color giving it magical fragrances of old civilization . ** Please Note there some damage on the stick -price reduced ** ♥ What you see is exactly you get ♥ ✦ Quantity : 1 ✦ Martial : Camel bone ✦ Dimensions : Length - 8cm (3") width - 1.6cm (0.6") thickness - 3mm (0.2") , hole size 2mm ✦ Weight : 15 gram ✦ Color: light brown

$20.00 each

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