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Stunning Handmade Desk lamp Blue and Black With night light/for home decor/ Art and Craft Lighting


I am very excited to introduce you to my new lamp designs. This lamp is handcrafted and painted by me, and therefore each receives quite a lot of undivided development in the detail as well as design. The patterns and designs on each lamp are 100% individual , and are not repeated on another lamp. As a fine artist this project is present me with a new canvas on which to present my paintings as well as the creative challenge of designing them. Art can be functional as well as beautiful while on display. Beautiful Blue and black lamp With two bulbs. Nigh light inside the cylinder . Use only L.E.D. light bulb not dimmable! This Lamp was made with PVC,Wood,Wires, aluminum, and brass 3 way canopy switch nipple. Lamp Hight 20.6'' Lamp Base 22'' Lamp Shade outside Diameter 24’’ By 9.6'' Hight

$320.00 each
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