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Handmade Table Lamp Unique With night light/For Living room/for teenager rooms/ Bed room/Man curves


I am very excited to introduce you to my new lamp designs. These lamps are handcrafted and painted by me, and therefore each receives quite a lot of undivided development in the detail as well as design. The patterns and designs on each lamp are 100% individual , and are not repeated on another lamp. As a fine artist this project is presenting me with a new canvas on which to present my paintings as well as the creative challenge of designing them. Art can be functional as well as beautiful while on display. Glass globe explosion Table Lamp one of a kind it has a Night light inside the cylinder. It comes with bulb Blue Sky WIRELESS 65 W Equivalent Dimmable Warm White Br30 LED Decorative Light Bulb. About bulb? it is your choice this Lamp works with any LED bulbs, I would recommend LED. Also you can Enjoy music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smart device. A functional and artistic conversation piece that stands out in any room. This Lamp was made with PVC,Wood,Glass,Wires Lamp Hight 16.6'' Lamp Base 22''

$350.00 each

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