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Ethiopian/Eritrean Coffee Tray-Rékébot (ረከቦት) Tilét Edition

Sold by: EthioDesigns
$48.00 each

Sold Out

Introducing Tilét Edition ፪ ረከቦት-Rékébot ( Coffee Tray/Coffee Table).

This simple yet slick Rékébot comes with a large storage. It is made of PET material which has an excellent wear resistance, lightweight, durable and waterproof top. ( Only Coffee Tray . . . Cups, pot, and accessories are not included)

Product Care:
*In order to protect the artwork, do not immerse the bottom part/container in the water. To clean the artwork please use a damp towel and simply wipe it horizontally. The top part/tray can be washed and it is waterproof. 

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