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Ethiopian/Eritrean Coffee Cups, Saba Edition. A set of 16 with Saba Edition ረከቦት-Rékébot ( Coffee Tray/Coffee Table)


Saba Edition cups used to drink coffee all over Ethiopia, where the coffee ceremony is an integral part of the social and cultural life. These porcelain cups are adorned with pictures of the traditional story of Queen Sheba’s journey from Ethiopia to visit King Solomon. A set comes with 6 cups, 6 saucers, 1 creamer, 1 sugar bowl, 1 coffee pot and Saba Edition ረከቦት-Rékébot ( Coffee Tray/Coffee Table).

Product Care and Information:
*In order to protect the artwork, do not microwave the coffee set.
*Do not immerse the ረከቦት-Rékébot in the water. To clean the artwork please use a damp towel and simply wipe it horizontally. The top part/tray can be washed and it is waterproof.
*Both the Rekebot and coffee cups are partially handmade. Some imperfection should be expected, such as a small dark spot on the porcelain and/or noticeable overlap on the Rekebot artwork. Please take your time to investigate the product image before ordering.

$129.00 each
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