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  • Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Cross Pendant 3


Sold by: YordanCross

Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Cross Pendant 3


This is a newly minted Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Christians Cross Pendant. Handmade and meticulously crafted by a talented local Ethiopian Artisan. 

Material is made from Nickel/Brass alloy finished with Silver/Old Silver plating. Measures approximately 3.25 in  x 3 in (8.25 cm x 8 cm).


This item will always be available, as the artisan will re-make if sold out.  It may take few more days to re-make and please note that no two handmade crosses could be matched exactly the same, especially on the final touch surface engravings and finishes. However it will still look great and will also resemble very close to the depicted image.  Ships direct from Ethiopia.  Requires about 2 weeks processing time.

$19.95 each

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