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Sold by: Ethio Imports
$9.50 each

Berbere is the most popular spice for Ethiopian cooking (hot and spicy). It is a blend of red chili, garlic, salt and more; used to make Sega wot (beef stew), Doro wot (chicken stew), Kik wot (red lintel stew), Awaze

$16.95 each
$9.95 each
Mekelesha Sold by: Ethio Imports
$10.00 each
$16.00 each
Mitmita - Extra Hot Spice Mix Sold by: Fassica
$10.00 each Elsa Kolo - Imported Sold by: Fassica
$7.95 each
$11.95 each
Mitten Shiro Sold by: Ethio Imports
$6.50 each
$8.75 each
Paprika Sold by: Ethio Imports

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