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Misir - Red Lentil (2 Lbs)

Sold by: Fassica
$9.50 each

Create delicious Ethiopian lentil stew (Misir wot) dishes. With all of the nutritional qualities or grains, lentils are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. Not sure how to prepare lentils? Click here for Misir receipes These delicious, wholesome beans are used in dishes across the world. Spicy World brings you the best lentils and beans from around the world. We travel throughout the world purchasing the finest quality products available. We fully guarantee our products. Experience the difference with our naturally fresh lentils that taste great. These lentils have been cleaned with the utmost of care, but a small stone, soil, or other foreign matter may have escaped detection. We recommend examining & rinsing, to insure the lentils are clean.

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