Beso Bela

Sold by: Ethio Imports
$19.50 each

Beso Bela is used to make Niter Kibe (Ethiopian seasoned butter) dried; which is used to make Kitfo, and to flavor almost any kind of dish.

$9.00 each
$14.99 each
Berbere Spice Mix Sold by: Fassica
$19.50 each
$11.50 each
Koseret Sold by: Ethio Imports
$8.00 each
$15.00 each
Kore'rima - Whole Black Cardamom Sold by: Fassica
$10.00 each Elsa Kolo - Imported Sold by: Fassica
$24.50 each
$16.50 each
Korerima Whole Sold by: Ethio Imports

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