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  • Vintage Very large Leather Ethiopian Kitabe ,Amulet , Pendant

Vintage Very large Leather Ethiopian Kitabe ,Amulet , Pendant


Beautiful Very Large (Rare) Kitabe Pendant, Amulet ,scroll wrapped in sewn leather from Ethiopia. Ethiopian Coptic Christians strongly believe in the protective and healing properties of scripture. The scroll was made of animal skin normally of goat or calf skin which has been worked in a series of processes into a parchment like material called vellum. The writing on the scroll is in hand made black and red paint or ink and is written in Ethiopic Ge'ez a language no longer used today except for religious purposes. What you see is exactly you get. ✦ Quantity : 1 ✦ Material : Leather, paper of vellum ✦ Dimensions approx : 6.7cmx5.6cm ,hole 2mm ✦ Weight : 38 gram ✦ Color: Shade of Brown

$64.00 each
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