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  • Grazing Antelope Family

Grazing Antelope Family


These elegantly carved African Antelopes depicts the unity of family, seen here grazing together with a suckling young. Beautifully hand crafted, and polished to accentuate the attention to detail of the animals, the base upon which they stand and the life like nursing of the young. This work of art an outstanding conversation piece that bring beauty to any home.


Made of Ebony wood, these sleek grazing Antelope of the African Savannah bring to life the graceful elegance of these creatures. 100% Hand carved by the artisans of Aburi, Ghana West Africa.


Model #ALC 3 * Size: Grazing Antelope Family 6" H x 8" W x 2.6" D * Material: Ebony Wood * Government Approved*(Not made from endangered trees)

$75.45 each

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