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  • African Blue Silk Print


Sold by: Hibara Stores

African Blue Silk Print


Having this Fabric as a part of your African print collection would definitely bring a change in your choice of collection. This fabric with its unique attribute of Yellow and Black Multiple box is extremely beautiful and would look amazing when made into a dress. Available for $15 per yard Sold in 6 Yards Caring For Your Silk Wash with very light detergent. Keep out of direct sunlight Press it with a warm iron. If it leaves no color or hardly any mark on the white fabric, then you can safely wash in lukewarm water. And Rinse well. Never soak, boil, bleach or wring Silk or leave it crumpled in a towel. Do not let Silk become too dirty before washing, as hard rubbing damages the fiber.

$15.00 each

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