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African Style Jewelry

African Style Jewelry
Tel Aviv
Israel (إسرائيل • ישראל)

Diversify your STYLE- African Designed Jewelry. We specializes in ethnic jewelry with design influenced by the African styles with an emphasis on Habesha design. The delicate design of the jewelry is gold or silver plated studded with gemstone. African jewelry’s are known for their quality and beauty all over the world. There are many types of African jewelry’s such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other types of tribal African jewelry. Jewelry made from Africana and Africa can be great gifts for men, for women even for children. Continent of Africa is the birth place of human and mankind civilization. It is also the place where people first wore and made jewelry. In Kenya over 40,000 years ago, beads were made from different materials and most of the time wood and different stones were the main materials. As time moved on Africa, the Africans craftsmen improved and developed their jewelry making techniques and today those products of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

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