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Visionary Africa

Visionary Africa
United States of America

If you asked Abu Mwenye about what inspires his many diverse paintings, the journey would begin in his native Tanzania. As a young child, Abu can remember being distracted from his homework by his Uncle who would be the member of the family who possessed skills in art. In fact, there were also members of Abu's immediate family, his mother Rita, whose art talents also cultivated his interest. Supported and encouraged by his family, Abu began to study and create art. Kanga patterns, Masai warriors, chungu, and shanga (beads) are just some of the images that can be seen in Mwenye's work. Swirling colors and shapes are just some of the things you will find the Mwenye's abstract artworks. As these works are viewed many things can be found, some based in reality and some from the imagination. The question is what will you see?As an up and coming Worcester artist, Mwenye's work can also be seen in multiple locations; the Former Worcester African Cultural Center on Canterbury St., and also on the Green Street Bridge located in the downtown area. Mwenye was responsible for the creation and execution of the mural on the exterior of the W.A.C.C., and was a contributing artist to the Green Street Bridge Project.

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