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Cobi Show Kase

Cobi Show Kase

It all began with a vision which was seen through only the eyes of Master Craftsman Opoku Biney and a small stall shop located on the hillside road of Aburi Ghana, West Africa. Situated among several shops from roadside junction Cobi Show Kase Enterprise began to navigate towards a household name. Since then, Cobi Show Kase has revolutionized the art of hand crafting and workmanship worldwide by offering authentic, quality and unique pieces of African art that you will not see anywhere else. After sixteen years the company continues to expand from exporting throughout the UK and African regions to managing at a local  American based location and brand that seeks to provide beautiful quality handmade and authentic African Art for diverse customers throughout the world.

$290.99 each GYE NYAME Table
$120.45 each Lovers Chain
$150.99 each Nyame Ye Ohene
$85.99 each Mama Africa
$30.00 each Bucket Basket
$35.00 each Picnic Bolga
$30.45 each Hand Bag
$24.00 each City Shopper
$28.00 each City Shopper
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