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Ethio Imports

Ethio Imports
2804 Taylorsville Rd.
United States of America
We sell authentic Ethiopian spices imported directly from Ethiopia. All our spices are prepared to the highest quality standards. We have been in the restaurant business for the past 20 years, so we understand the importance of quality spices. Whether you are preparing Ethiopian or any other kind of food, our spices will give you astonishing flavors. In addition to great flavors, Ethiopian spices are know to have many health benefits. We have included great recipes for authentic Ethiopian dishes such as Sega wot, Doro wot, Alicha Sega wot, Misir, Kitfo and much more. All our spices are organic.  The quality of our spices are 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed. We offer free shipping and handling for all purchases over $50.00 (US only) except Injera orders. Your orders are professionally packaged and labeled for your convenience and shipped between 24-48 hour. We sell fresh Injera. Injera is a popular Ethiopian flat bread made of a special cereal grain called Teff and self rising flour. To insure freshness, Injera orders are prepared and shipped separately from spices on Monday or Tuesday each week (except holidays). Most orders will be delivered in 2-3 days after shipment (before the weekend).
$7.50 each Nech Shiro
$6.50 each Turmeric
$11.50 each Beso Bela
$7.95 each Mitten Shiro
$8.50 each Mitmita
$9.95 each Mekelesha
$7.50 each Coffee Beans
$11.50 each Koseret
$9.75 each Alicha Kimem
$10.50 each Berbere Awaze
$6.50 each Paprika
$9.50 each Berbere
$3.00 each Red Lintel
$2.50 each Brown Teff
$9.50 each Tikur Azmud
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